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Coloured Glaze---Brown

Coloured Glaze---Brown

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The Yonghe Temple was built in the reign of Kangxi, when Yongzheng lived here as a prince, and later Yongzheng became an emperor. Qianlong was also born here. Many emperors were born here in history. Therefore, the bracelets made of incense ash here can pray for career, education, love, health, wealth, and luck, which are the most spiritual. The glass bracelet is a perennial hit, and it is said that when it is exaggerated, the queue has already started at 5 o'clock in the morning. Every day I can see the huge team in the Yonghe Temple, which is really popular. Fortunately, there are always more solutions than difficulties. If you also want the same popular incense stick bracelet, you don't need to queue up and clock in on site, just read this article! That's right! Today, I brought you a very popular popular bracelet.

Brown Symbolizes gathering wealth, my beloved wealth collection! This purple itself is also quite novel, it complements the skin tone and is also very gentle

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